Sept. 14, 2021

ZDay2021 - Scaling Tech For Good and Empowering Inclusion with IBM

ZDay2021 - Scaling Tech For Good and Empowering Inclusion with IBM

This episode is Inclusion and Tech For Good personified focussing on #ZDay2021 and the wider opportunities afforded by the IBM Z Global Student Hub. This is very much a 24/7 platform for democratisation and powering tech for social impact at scale, especially for education and holistic skills accessibility from STEM to STEAM.

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And to do this I am in the best of company! Joined by 17 year old changemaker Lella Violet Halloum, the youngest 2021 IBM Champion for her efforts to break down stereotypes surrounding the tech industry and recently recognised with the Diana Award, plus an IBM Z Ambassador, Champion, and Student Senator.

And I am also joined by Dr. Melissa Sassi who is championing change as Chief Penguin, Entrepreneur & Student Experience lead at IBM and Global Head of the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator. This work brings together a focus on empowering and inspiring students with access to tech skills, and empowering and inspiring early-stage fintech, healthtech, and insurtech founders to build and scale through technology and business acceleration.

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