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It's really excellent. Wish to have more episodes.

Good One!

I believe this podcast is really informative. I Will wait for more discussions

Great Podcast !!!

Professor Sally, you have really a informative podcast. I enjoyed a lot. Please bring more episodes


What a great podcast. It's the best podcast I've heard this year. Informative


I have enjoyed such good podcast after long time though its long episode to hear.


Really deserves a great deal of admiration. Hope will get more episods.


It’s amazing how much energy and passion you are able to convey over the air. I love your show and wish you continued success.


Love the tone of this podcast, such a natural warm and knowledgable host with @sallyeaves bringing to the fore all areas of emergent technology but also the people behind it - such a key focus on inclusion and diversity and tech as a force for good. More please!

Inclusion Diversity Tech for Good

Thank you for an insightful podcast on this important topic!