Nov. 26, 2021

The Reality: Making Fragile Business Agile and Innovative - Part 2 with Fujitsu

The Reality: Making Fragile Business Agile and Innovative - Part 2 with Fujitsu

In this two part special, the HOW of enabling Business Agility and embedded Capacity to Innovate is centre stage, and with an inspiring focus on Human Centric change. We are joined by Brad Mallard, CTO for Northern West Europe at Fujitsu and a member of Fujitsu's Global CTO Office, and Nick Herbert, Head of Portfolio Applications and Multicloud at Fujitsu for an immersive conversation - so content packed we extended across these two episodes!

In Part 2, we continue our deep dive on today's agile imperative, firstly focussing on the nature of space and evolution of more decentralised ways of working across organisational structures and ecosystems that need to be increasingly fluid by design. In particular, we explore the impact of remote/hybrid working on inclusion and diversity, alongside productivity, mindfulness, creativity and ultimately happiness levels too. The very essence of fostering share value and creating a sustainable people based business!

We also focus in on skills, from data and technology literacy, to skills confidence. We consider gaps being experienced by many organisations today and how best to develop a learning culture, supporting people on their personal journeys and moving from STEM to STEAM to help grow possibly the most important skill of our time - curiosity! Brad and Nick share some fantastic examples of this support in action at Fujitsu, especially empowering the behavioural element of learning by doing or learning through experience, and this extends to customers who in turn become authentic natural advocates.

And we also unpack the impact of emergent technologies on the evolution of work, especially regards AI and Automation and on delivering a faster 'time to value' supported by a more iterative approach to change management, shared language and shared purpose. Our collective take focusses on the purpose to which technology is applied and showcases the complementary strengths of human-machine partnership, with inspiring examples of this across community collaboration, social value and sustainability. Indeed, rather than framing the future as one of technology centric innovation, we change the narrative to place the spotlight on human centric innovation, empowered by tech instead!

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