Nov. 26, 2021

The Reality: Making Fragile Business Agile and Innovative - Part 1 with Fujitsu

The Reality: Making Fragile Business Agile and Innovative - Part 1 with Fujitsu

In this two part special, the HOW of enabling Business Agility and embedded Capacity to Innovate is centre stage. We are joined by Brad Mallard, CTO for Northern West Europe at Fujitsu and a member of Fujitsu's Global CTO Office, and Nick Herbert, Head of Portfolio Applications and Multicloud at Fujitsu for an immersive conversation - so content packed we extended into two episodes!

In Part 1 we deep dive into what Agility really means from both an organisational and individual perspective, and across technology, culture, people, processes and skills, including both the opportunities and challenges encountered on the way. And with tangible examples across business and societal impact too, including cutting edge Tech For Good research collaborations within AI and Healthcare - absolutely inspiring!

We explore what has changed, especially customer behaviours and expectations on the 'art of the possible', sustainable business and criticality of purpose, and the key challenges from the 'data deluge' to issues of fragmentation, legacy technical debt, complexity, security, ethical AI development, and skills literacy gaps.

This brings to the fore the vital role of data, its democratisation and enabling active not reactive intelligence, and the key technologies that are enabling success notably Cloud Computing, Cloud Native, Conversational AI, NLP and APIs. And all of the above must be supported by skills investment alongside process and change management approach evolution with greater ecosystem collaboration too, especially in areas such as Explainable AI - vital to build that core currency of our time - trust. Putting this all together, what 'experiences that matter' will you create next for your customers, consumers and citizens?

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