Jan. 10, 2022

Catch Up or Leap Forward: Bridging the Digital Divide with A10

Catch Up or Leap Forward: Bridging the Digital Divide with A10

In this Digital Divide special episode, technology as a catalyst for shared value is centre stage. We aim to make ‘the invisible visible’ with regard to the impact of infrastructure as an enabler for bridging the digital divide and alongside this, a focus on ‘embedding by design’ right across sustainability, security, experience and diversity, equity and inclusion - aspects that interlink in many ways.

We explore the Power of Ecosystem Partnership for example A10 and Ericsson and Evolving Business Models for Good, the Criticality of Infrastructure across Access, IP Connectivity including IPv4 Preservation and IPv6 Migration, Rural Broadband and Security, and look ahead to what’s next and how we can best come together to make a difference.

And to explore this critical conversation in depth, I speak with Chris James-Killer VP of Global Strategic Accounts and Terry Young, Director, Service Provider Product Marketing, from A10 Networks, a market leader in delivering business critical applications for multi-cloud transformation and 5G readiness, and with a superb track record of supporting technology as a force for global good.

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