July 2, 2021

Call For Code - Tackling World's SDGs Challenges with Mo Haghighi, IBM

Call For Code - Tackling World's SDGs Challenges with Mo Haghighi, IBM

This episode is Tech For Good personified and was such a pleasure to discuss with Mo Haghighi who does superb work as a Developer Advocate across the world and also leads the IBM Hybrid Cloud Build team in Europe. Our focus area is Call for Code, the largest tech for good global initiative of its kind and which is open for submissions until July 31st 2021. More details here:


This year's focus is on supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, notably climate change, clean water and sanitation, zero hunger and responsible production and green consumption. A wonderful and inclusive opportunity to make a difference, and one that is open not just to developers, but to problem solvers, curious minds and subject matter experts across the world. We discuss all the details of taking part and the support available, plus showcase some of the incredible projects already making impact today, conceived through earlier iterations. We could not agree more that the time is now to support long-lasting change across the world, empowered by people and empowered by code.

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